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Please take a moment to introduce yourself and your company because we want to help you as best we can.

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Graph Icon Make data–based decisions with real-time office analytics.
Focus Icon Minimize distractions so you can focus.
Team Icon Visibility into your team's workload.
Time Icon Free your time from tedious, repetitive tasks.
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Our Office Attendants can help you with anything you need. Think of them as an extra pair of hands for your office. 
All our Office Attendants are W-2 employees with full background checks.

Select cities only.

We pair our advanced office management software with impeccable service to assist office managers, facilities managers, and admin teams in running an outstanding office.

Free up time from tedious tasks

We understand that managing an office requires endless time, effort, and checklists – oftentimes admist an already packed schedule. Our office attendant service takes tasks off your plate so you can tackle your top priorities.

  • Resetting
  • Set up
  • Preparing
  • Shipping and receiving services
  • Reception
  • Restocking
  • Coffee/Beverages
  • Kitchen / Bathroom tidying
  • Custom tasks
Office Attendants
Temp icon We will provide a quote, solidify expectations, and begin services within 72 hours.
Temp icon We understand every office operates differently. Our detail-oriented team will work with you to construct the perfect service package for your space
Temp icon Your dedicated support team is available 24/7 to make sure your office is always running smoothly.
Temp icon Trustworthy and reliable Office attendants. All OfficeLuv members are W2 employees. We're able to maintain a high level of service due to consistent staffing and continued training.
Temp icon By automating and streamlining tasks, we give back your most valuable resource - time.
Cleaning services are offered on a limited basis
Mopping & vacuuming
Garbage removal

Streamline your office operations

Temp Snippet Minimize distractions with employee-submitted temperature pulse reports.
Temp Snippet Be prepared for every guest with a daily list of expected visitors.
Temp Snippet Organize and respond to all employee requests with ease.
Temp Snippet View & manage all open office tasks and requests in one manageable view.
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Assign tasks to team members.

Manage what the entire team is working on from one view.

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Clear & specific direction.

Communicate directly with team members about any task or request.

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Filter tasks and requests.

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