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OfficeLuv's Administrative Assistants / Receptionists are personable, outgoing and well-rounded individuals who are comfortable being "The Face of the Company". They are excited to learn the ins and outs of our client's business and are confident in representing them in front of their guests.  Our Administrative Assistants / Receptionists are always down to learn new aspects of the business and are not afraid to get their hands dirty, assisting with various department's needs and providing facilities support as-needed.  This opportunity is a fun and exciting way to learn and grow in your career while having fun and loving what you do. 








** OfficeLuv provides office support to clients throughout the Chicago area.  This position will report directly to one of our client's office and will operate without direct supervision from OfficeLuv's management.  Candidates should be self-sufficient and independent with their work.  Please ensure you are comfortable with this type of assignment before proceeding. 

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